1723 The Wrong Kind Of Pussy.


Tiny bottles of things seem to have the same effect on women as Jo does. The magic of reduced scale is very powerful. It seems to be coded into humans. Maybe to keep us from tossing our young into the river when they get annoying. It must be a good tactic in concert with other things because there are a lot of humans and most of them get raised by their parents. In any event I’m pretty sure Jo would accept any snuggles Carol offered. On some level I also expect Thomas is jealous of that.

The Teen was lamenting her lack of money causing her to be unable to visit her dog at the house, so I bought her some gas. even though that’s probably irresponsible of me in some way. Then I ended up talking about star wars with her BF for at least an hour while she enjoyed her dog. Maybe not the best use of my time, but there we are.